I am an organizing wizard today

Today I organizing all of our scrapbooking stuff. Does that sound kind of boring? Maybe, but I enjoyed it. It’s been far overdue. I’ve had the same paper and stickers for three years that I’ve hardly used in a scrapbook. So what did I decide? I got my whole life to scrapbook, yeehah! I also discovered awesome stuff I forgot I had. So my goal is to scrapbook a lot. I’ll specify the details later. I’m going to do four main scrapbooks- one for when I was a baby, little girl, preteen, and teenager. I’ll probably divide that up into years. I’m pumped and now I’m organized so I can actually do it.

I took a picture of my souvenir from my mom’s trip to Disneyland last week. She came home from visiting the Socal Allen’s, (http://socallens.blogspot.com) and I so happy she’s back! My dad and I got along okay, but with my mom home, it’s harmony. I gave her Mother’s Day present, an apron (easy to make and super cute!) and a letter. I love my momma!

Today’s outfit consisted of a Gap dress for church (which one of my past yw’s leader and amazing momma) Meaghann wore too. I love twinning. Then I put on (I want to say muu-muu, moo-moo, what are they called? hippie dress? oh right, Maxi dress!) I’m loving this nice weather, even though there is now mosquitoes and I was hardly outside today.)

And sideways pictures? Too lazy and it looks like my bookshelf is defying gravity.

Survivor finale? Go Sandra!


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