Daddy-Daughter Date

Last Friday, while my mom was still in California, my dad and I went on a date. First we made a stop at Home Depot, and ordered the carpet for our new den/ party room finally. We walked through the nursery, and spring has sprung! Next was Indigo. I LOVE THIS STORE! It so inspirational. I found a few books I’d love to read in yes, the 9-12 section. I love books that are like journals with pictures and artwork, they’ve inspired me since the Amelia series and Junie B. Jones. What bothers me about the teenager section nowadays is all of the black vampire books! Seriously, they are everywhere.

We first went to Original Joe’s to eat, but apparently you had to be 18 and older, but I was thisclose to passing as 18. My dad said to give the waitress my ID and see if she would calculate it.

So instead we went to Montana’s, and it was good! I got some quesadillas. (qwe-sa-dil-las) My dad practiced throwing spitballs with a bendy straw.

Thanks for the date Daddy! I love you lots. My mom got back safe and sound, and life is even better.


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