Friday and Saturday

Yesterday, My mom and I met my cousin Emily and baby Blakeley and Simone and Bella at the farmer’s market. I had never been, but it was loads of fun. I found the cutest little french macaroons, (a booth was gluten-free for my madre) and gelato. I also found a booth that sold handmade wool and cotton things, all fair trade. I got a little birdie and crocheted flower pins. I wanted a headband but my head was too big. 😉 We also found a baby booth that had cute little shirts I want to recreate. On the way home we stopped at Michael’s, and we went to Value Village. I found some awesome Walt Disney comic books, and a random figurine that cracked me up.

Friday afternoon I went swimming at zobe wan’s house. That night we had the usual-pizza and a movie. We watched Indiana Jones-The Last Crusade. I had only seen the end of it before, so I was glad to watch the whole thing. I could do without most of the violence, yuck.

Today we did a day trip to Cochrane to drop my dad off for a bike ride. My mom and I ended up walking around all afternoon. We ate at a yummy restaurant, even though it was slow and the HUGE bee flew by my head. I have never seen one that big! We went to the Gf Patisserie. I seriously recommend it! We ate mini key-lime and coconut cream pies, got a Bernard Callebaut brownie, flax and cinnamon raisin bread, and tarts. We browsed at all of the shops along the main street, our favorite was Poor David’s. I got a cute card (there were so many!) a new pen, and a We Can Do It! magnet. We also shared ice cream at MacKay’s. Amazing ice cream and I love the antiques. At another store, I discovered Fred plastics! They make the cutest things, and I think I’m going to do a 70’s themed birthday party this year. We stopped at Ten Thousand Villages and I found a necklace I loved that was made in India.

I had an awesome day, thanks Mom!


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