Proud to be an American

We’ve been watching this documentary every week. My favorite subject is US history, and since obviously I’m deprived here, I’m loving it!
Tonight was the Dust Bowl/Great Depression/WWII. Some parts were hard to watch, thinking about all of those boys dying. But what I think is really important is what we can learn from it. As my mom pointed out afterwards, today people forget what has been done for us. We think that we are entitled and deserve anything. My grandparent’s generation is probably one of the most strong. They WORKED HARD. The war wouldn’t have been won, and nothing would have been accomplished without hard work. We have to remember we have to WORK to accomplish things. Otherwise we depend on handouts. Where is our sense of identity and ingenuity? Our perseverance, pride, and courage disappear. We have to remember what our ancestors have done before us, and hope our legacy behind us appreciates what we’ve done, instead of being ashamed and blaming us for the problems they face. I’m not talking about global warming here, I think it’s a theory. As the Dust Bowl proves, nature is so powerful. I also know that we will be provided every needful thing, so we need not to worry. Keep in mind, I love the beauty of the earth and think that we should preserve it. But I’m also talking about our society. Let’s be remembered as a people who are grateful for our past and believe in our future. We CAN Do IT!


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