Today is my oldest brother Mike’s 26th birthday, so I decided to write 26 things about him and things I remember from A-Z.

A. Brother Larson always called you Michael A.

B- Busy boy! and Bentley of course.

also, A B Movie

C- Rock Climbing and the CHUZZLE! child+muzzle=chuzzle.

D- You the daddy!

E- energetic

and Ecuador!

F- funny. You are always teasing (you are very good at it), and your laugh just makes me happy. and Ferrari, oh boy you love Ferrari’s. AND you are fearless, you are always trying something new and living life to the fullest.

G- Greg, Germany, and Guatemala and GHOSTBUSTERS! “When there’s somethin strange in the neighborhoo!”

Greg was always around, and I remember when he was sick and in the hospital.

You went to Germany after high school, ( I don’t have any pictures on here) and I might have pictures of Guatemala if your camera wasn’t lost/stolen. But I do have a turtle you brought back for me!

H- Another famous line, “Hey toots.”

I- “I’m a blind roller skater!” Your famous line from a family home video.

J- Jack. OH Jack.

K- Kenya


Brother, thank you for moving there. I love you even more for it.


and Meggie, I’ll always be your Meggie.

N- This is you at Ninety-three, courtesy of you in fourth grade.

O- Outdoors

P- Past, birthdays that is.

and Pirate of Penzance!

Q- quiet. NOT!

R- You are reading all the time! We know we can always get you a book for any holiday and you are always learning, which is a good example for me.

and we can’t forget your Ford Ranger. (this is the closest picture I’ve got.) oh wait,

S- Stella, my love!

and brother, you are quite studly. and stylish.

T- Twins. We are twins born 9 years apart.

We have the same hair color. the same.

U- Utah, you’ve spent 23 years of your life there!

and USC.

V- Volkswagon Golf

W- Winter Olympics, and you love winter, only for the snowboarding though!

X- Xango, didn’t you work there or something?

Y- We love BYU, so do you.

Z- let’s take a look back at those zebra pants,

and you’d give Zoolander a run for his money.

I love you brother, happy birthday!

Have fun on the beach without us.

Stay tuned, three people close to me also had birthdays this week.


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