I love this so much.

expect a parody soon.

Everyone do some off-center spinning and random toaster dancing in space!


4 responses to “I love this so much.

  1. Ummm, I love you AND this. Basically haven’t gone one single week since freshman year at the Y without watching this video. During finals we used to watch it over and over and over and over, love it!! I love when he walks down the aisle of peeps and then goes for the head tilt. Style.

    • Genius! Your comment makes me smile! I like the random sequence of people walking across, and PRETTY MUCH THE WHOLE THING! Have you noticed the lip-syncing when he says sorrow?

  2. i think that music is hilarious
    heres one you might enjoy as far a cheesiness goes.

    • OH my goodness. That is hilarious! My oh my. I think my favorite part is the flames and totem poles at the beginning, pretty high end ;). There’s some nice horse action too. Actually he’s just standing there but it’s hilarious! Is that clapping added in or live?

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