Today is my dearest brother Matthew’s (today was the year of tacky cards) birthday. In honor of this day, I took pictures of 22 things that remind me of him.

1. hand-me-down bikes, can I mention again that I’ve never owned my own bike?

2. One full box of SI.

3. We each had one of these kind of teddy bears.

4. His Dalmatian hat!

5. His legendary jacket. Yup, still fits.

6. One of many

7. Bingham Football!

8. I remember the day you read this cover to cover.

9. We ate a lot of cereal so you could collect all of the bobble heads.

10. POGS!

11. Yep, I did it, I touched your Mighty Max toys. I may face a lifetime of punishment, but I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.

12. Death Star! One of many cool Star Wars toys.

13. Trolls!

14. Nintendo 64! May I mention the strategically placement of Donkey Kong 64?

15. We’ve played plenty of board games together, but probably the most famous is Upwords.

16. Let this represent the legos I may or may not have destroyed.

17. I remember the Christmas you got this! Also the Red-Ryder.

18. DDR

19. I wore this as inspiration

20. You are a jump rope and Pogo master. You also edge and have played with that hockey stick. We’ve sat in those stadium chairs at football games. Wow, it’s like an I-Spy.

21. I remember the days you went to all of these dances.

22. You don’t like people touching your stuff.


You are sentimental, just like me.

We both have knock knees.

I miss you a lot.

Happy Birthday big bro!

*disclaimer* None of Matt’s things were harmed in the making of this post.


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