I find my home quite charming, and other happenings.

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{We’re waiting for our batch of daisies to bloom, so no that is not some unknown white flower.}

I was pretty excited about how my hair turned out yesterday. I’m pretty much growing out my hair so I can do a chic chignon. And to be able to do this:

curly curly ness

That just reminds me of Napoleon.

Deb: “Do you want to look like this?” (holds out picture of 80’s model)

Napoleon: “This is a girl!.”

Also, our momma robin’s 2nd group of eggs, hatched and flew away yesterday. Birds always seem to find ways to build nests on our porch. We’ve seen them in wreaths and hanging baskets.

This is where I found Jack yesterday. I guess he was making up for the fact that I won’t allow him on my bed. Such a silly little {pain-in-the-rear} doggy.

Do you like my new banner? This was it originally. I’m making up for the fact that I am much better with paper than the computer.

I have been drooling {and using that word lots today, hmm.} over this magazine. There is another magazine I found as well,

Gotta pick that one up!

Happy {thundershower-ful} day!


One response to “I find my home quite charming, and other happenings.

  1. Ah, yes. Flea Market Style magazine… I see you do indeed read my blog :] Just wanted to write and say how incredibly sweet your comment was. So glad to hear you like Style My Story and that you gleam some sort of inspiration from it!!
    And you are right, your home does appear to be quite charming. Not to mention, you have a precious little doggy! Also, my best to you on growing your hair out… I remember doing it… Such a pain! (Resist the compulsive urges to cut it when you’re getting impatient with the process!)
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    Much blogger love,

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