My New Project

Yesterday or the day before I got the idea/urge to create a book/scrapbook of things I want to incorporate into my future home or incorporate now.


I’m really excited about it, even if it’s sounding like a nerdy thing to do. I made the first few pages yesterday and tonight, and I adore them! {If I can toot my own horn here.} I got most of this paper from Robert’s on my trip to Utah this summer, and they are now one of my favorite things.

I got the idea while watching Drop Dead Diva {AN AWESOME SHOW} last night. At the end Rosie O. Donnell (who is playing the judge) gives Jane an ice cream sundae in one of those old fashioned  glasses.

I realized, when I grow up my house will serve ice cream in these glasses and we will always have supplies for sundaes.


Here they are: {Enlarge if you wish}

my favorite. Last night I got the idea for this page and could hardly get myself to want to go to sleep because I wanted to make it right there. I used the back of the notepad I wrote the idea down on for the clouds/thought bubbles.

Let’s hope the enthusiasm continues!

Happy {enthusiastic scrapbooking} day!


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