My momma and sister left for Utah.

It was still cold and rainy, but in the afternoon the clouds parted and I sang “Tomorrow” at the top of my lungs.

This city is gorgeous on the summer days when the sun is shining.

I went to rehearsal, and packed myself a dinner I thought was so cute I had to take a picture of it.

I knew there was a good reason to get this tupperware. It’s perfect for a picnic!


is the reason why this post is called glorious.

I was planning on going on a picnic with my good friend marlee marshmellow, (quite a nice nickname) but she rocked out at the Stampede the night before so she needed to sleep.

It was a gorgeous day out, (I am bummed I never took a picture) so I needed to do something.

I rode my mumsie’s bike to a ceramic store  and picked out a plate to paint.

Coincidence #1- As I was riding my mom’s bike, I fantasized about riding a bike with a basket all around town.

Coincidence #2- I image I chose to paint was of a cruiser. A darling cruiser.

Coincidence #3- I met a new friend while painting. Let me say, a ceramic store is an ideal place to go during the summer if you are artistically inclined.

It’s air-conditioned, and the mood sublime. (love G&D references). I picked a nice table by the window and started to swirl (paint that is).

A girl my age walks in, alone, (like me) riding a bike (like me) and I notice she has the same phone (because I was texting) . We would smile at eachother, and I’m sure we both thought we should say hi or something. Finally we did, and I moved over to her table and I made a new painting buddy.

While I was deciding whether to say hi, this is the text I got:


“I’m coming home at 4:30, do you want to go look at bikes?” (anyone who knows my dad knows how much he loves the bike shop)



I got home at 4:30, and yes! Cruiser time!

1st stop- sporting goods store.

There was one bike, a bright purple one. But I knew there was better.

Coincidence #4- Jack Johnson’s “Upside Down” was playing in the store. BINGO! Summer song 2010. I love Jack Johnson with a happy-go-lucky passion.

2nd stop- Walmart (for the sake of it)

Nothing but Huffy related bikes. (Now, I have nothing against Huffy’s. I was actually quite jealous of my friend’s girly Huffy bikes as a kid. But now I’ve converted to Trek-ism.)

3rd stop- a real bike shop!

The first bike I saw was a baby blue (like I had originally planned on getting) cruiser. It was basic- no gears and push brakes, but it was cute. I rode it around the parking lot and thought “okay”, because I wanted to try the one next to it.

I wanted it badly. Cream colored base, pink and brown accents, beach inspired scenes all over the body, seat, and fenders, black, white and pink tires, leather-looking seat and handles with a wide handlebar, room for a basket, 7 speeds and handlebrakes- a cruisers dream.

So guess what?

The baby of the family gets the long end of the stick!

Say hello to Lola the Spiff-mobile! (spiffmobile courtesy of chesley)

Boy oh boy. Oh boy oh boy. She is the best inanimate object I’ve ever had.

All of this went down in 2 hours. My dad and I picked up Subway and I was off to rehearsal.

I got home and got ready for bed so I could wake up and take her for a spin!


Woke up, ate, got dressed and off we go! (Trust me, it’s too much fun to treat her like a person- her, we. People really think i’m obsessed, which I am. What can I say?)

“Good morning!”- Pee Wee

I rode and rode, and could hardly stop. Now I love bike riding. I see why my dad, brothers, and uncles are obsessed too.

I went over to zolanda’s house for a bit, then off to the races again. (G&D) The show is going to be phenomenal! I am surrounded by amazing talent and it’s a fabulous opportunity.


Happy Birthday Grandma Bea! Thank you for being such a strong inspiration to me; artistically, musically, spiritually. You are a marvelous example of a classy, kind, and beautiful women that someday I aspire to be. I love you with all of my heart!

My dad and I rode to a great little bistro to get some lunch. I had a wrap, salad and home-made lemonade.

We rode along a trail and I rediscovered this view:

It’s like Central Park on the prairie.

Sup Daddy?

The afternoon was spent swimming. I fully enjoyed cannon-balling, watersliding, puffed cheetos, and the hospitality of my second fam with my newfound underwater freedom (sans avoiding to get my head wet b/c of surgery).

Life is good.

Rehearsal, then bed.


This morning was spent at church. In young women’s, the lesson was on the cultural arts. My leader asked if I would talk about drama. I brought along my Les Miserables and The Lion King books as my inspiration. I was choked up a bit as I descibed where my passion comes from, by looking at those images. Shows like these are bound to inspire anyone.

We are blessed with talents to bless the lives of others, and then ourselves. We have to be careful and define the line between pride and confidence, and make sure we are using our talent for good. It is very easy to cross to the other side of the line, then our inspiration and confidence from Heavenly Father, who is the ultimate creator, cannot be with us to guide and encourage.

This afternoon was spent at my old stomping grounds. We had a mini reunion with my junior high friends, especially because a friend was visiting from out of province.

I was a cheerleader/photag

until next year my friends. Junior high was da bomb at this school.

Peace and blessins’.

Happy {recap-alicious summer biking/friends/ blue sky} day.


2 responses to “Glorious

  1. Oh, my goodness, the cruiser is so cute!!! I’ve been wanting a new bike for a while…

    • California Girl,

      Splurge and get the Trek Calypso!
      The weather in L.A. calls for a Spiffmobile.

      “Life is two short to ride a cheap bike.”- My Pa, Richard Allen
      Where would Lance Armstrong be today if he was cursed with a never ending stream of Huffy’s?

      {movie quote- Napolean Dynamite- Rex Kwon Do} “Do you think I got where I am today by dressing like Peter Pan here? Furhgetabout it!”

      The quote painted on the ceramic plate is “Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to stay balanced, you must keep moving.”

      Lola sends her love- “Ding, Ding!”

      Lola’s Pedal-er

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