Tuesday- ear tastic

Tuesday: was sad. It was cloudy and rainy and cold. I needed hot cocoa!

It was 0-2 for tries to get a s’mores cupcake from Crave. I have 15 more days to try and I GOTTA HAVE ONE! I entered a blog giveaway where the question was, “If you were a cupcake, what flavor would you be?” and I said s’mores.

{WARNING-long side story. this is mostly for my personal record.)

I got great GREAT news on Tuesday.Three months ago,  I had ear surgery for the third time in my life in order to fix the hole left by my tubes. I got two sets of tubes as a child, and on the second try the hole never fully closed up in my right ear. I’ve had to wear an earplug whenever I went swimming. If water got it in was painful. Last summer at a youth activity I got a bottle of water dumped in it by accident, but I made a scene because it was bad. Poor boy who was just having a water fight,  I probably scared him to death because I freaked out.

Anywho, I had my surgery. I had to gauze it and put drops in for two weeks. I have a sweet scar above my ear, which is to some’s misunderstanding, not where they went into my ear. They had to take tissue and create a new eardrum, because mine was pretty much gone. I was dizzy at times for a month after. Learning Havana in Guys and Dolls which involves a lot of spins and practicing discus were the culprit. I haven’t been able to swim just to make sure it is healing.

Back to my good news, I went to my ear doctor. (Dr. Chau is the man!) My ear is healing up so well. He said if I went back to my family doctor in a few months, he probably couldn’t tell that I had surgery. That is saying a lot, because I’m used to my doctor gasping while examing my ear. He used to say he could see the bones in my ear, it was pretty bad.

I felt such gratitude at the doctor. This is a huge worry off of my shoulders. Without the surgery, I think I would’ve lost most of my hearing in that ear as an adult. I had a hearing test on Tuesday, and my hearing has gone from the 65 range (the ideal hearing is 20), and now it my hearing is in the 10-15 NORMAL range. This is a huge blessing. I remember the day my dad told me I could go in for surgery. It was a Thursday, and he picked me up from track practice. I hadn’t been expecting getting my surgery until June or July, because the waiting list was 6 months long. Luckily, there was a cancellation and I was in! I was pumped to miss some school, even if it was for surgery. The last time I had surgery was getting my tonsils out when I was six.

I went to the hospital at 6:00 am, waited around for a few hours, and was in surgery by 10 or so. It was strange getting to the operating room and noticing all of these people were here to help me. It’s their job, but still I’m grateful. I didn’t like getting the anesthetic, only because I had a mini freak out session and thought I couldn’t breathe. In 10 seconds I was out cold. I woke up in the after surgery waiting room. This was probably the worst part. I was still on anesthesia, so I was fighting to be awake but couldn’t.. All I know I was really uncomfortable until I woke up at 5:30 that evening after getting home, and crashing on the couch.

This surgery was an answered prayer. There were lots of prayers before the surgery, and I know they were answered. Hallelujah for modern medical care! (notice I didn’t say health care, I still get annoyed with this health care system because of the long waits.) But I’m sure counting my blessings!

The end.

Back to Tuesday, I went to rehearsal that night. Before I was feeling down. Mostly because of the weather, the other just emotions I can’t explain. I prayed before rehearsal. I really wanted to feel like myself again and have my fears replaced. My prayers were answered! I felt good going to rehearsal, and the whole night I had a grand time. I was talking to people the whole night, and feeling confident. It is a fabulous feeling. When I got home, I continued my summer routine of staying up too late, doing nothing really, eating a bowl of cereal, and watching HGTV.

Happy {blessings counted} Day!


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