My Cult

these people have been my family this summer, since I spend all of my time with them!

I’m going to miss them a lot. We’ll go from seeing each other everyday to who knows how often?

The run has been going great. Tonight is our last show followed by Gala.

I love you Summerstock!

Let’s break all of our limbs tonight!


One response to “My Cult

  1. MEGISTON!!! hahaha I love reading over your posts:) You sound like you are very happy these days! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EAR???? That’s JUMUMBO news, lady!!

    I, Calli Dotson, AM STILL ANGRY THAT YOU GOT TO SEE MICHAEL BUBLE WITHOUT ME, your bestest friend.

    [sidenote] I love Love LOVE your new bike!! I have been trying to convince my mom to buy me one for a couple years now, but her only rebuttal to silence me is as follows: “You have a car. You wouldn’t ride it anywhere.” This woman speaks the truth. Sad face.

    anyways! i’d love to hear from you again! when are you in Utah next??

    Loooooove Alfal- oh wait. Just Calli:)

    ps. your layout sorta kinda bothers me… it looks cute, but it makes the page so much longer and the words more squishy…

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