I love old stuff and new people

Today was a wonderful day.

I went with M, D, R, M, and A on a road trippin’ fantastic farmer’s marketing and antiquing adventure.

I found a marvelous Etsy seller at the Millarville Farmer’s Market. I bought a fab piece of artwork to hang on my newly painted minty green/blue walls. I also bought some fun Lego jewelry.

We saw some of our friends, the Palmers, and bought soup at their parent’s booth. We made a stop at Chinook Honey to get our favorite Caramel Honey. (x3) We picked up gluten-free cupcakes and goodies, bread, corn, and other goods in between. It was crowded and overwhelming at times, but worth the pretty drive and items!

We took a drive and ate lunch at good ole MickyD’s. A southwest salad, parfeit, and ice cream cone later we were back on the road. We drove to my favorite little small Alberta town of Nanton.

Why is it my favorite you ask?

ANTIQUE. STORES. Candy stores. Lovely people. INKTIQUES! The home of my newfound love, my typewriter.

We spent an hour and a half browsing. I told my mom, “I think I’ve found my niche.” I adore old times, places, stories, and items. I found today was a welcome escape from the world of a 2010 teenager. No worries about high school, friends, swear words, or people. My only care was how I was supposed to soak it all in, and find that perfect typewriter. I decided I need to do this at least once a month. I’d like to do a day trip into a small town each month, which could be used as a future blog feature.

Lovely full day aside, we arrive home and prepare for H&E&b to come over for the BYU FOOTBALL OPENING GAME! Way to go Cougs!

We have ribs, baby potatoes, corn for dinner, and peaches, ice cream, and caramel honey for dessert! I’ve been nibbling on my delicious candy store finds as well (whatchamacallits, nerd ropes). I love little b. She is getting so big and knows how to put on a show!

That’s all for tonight,

Meggie B. Vintagge

Happy {hatbox filled} day!

pictures to come.


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