To be blogging. I should be.
I do have lots of fabulous stories and pictures to share, and to be withholding them would be selfish.
I guess I’m feeling selfish today.
I did ride LOLA (still need a sweet acronym) for a half hour, talked to Onion’s Mom and sister, and our neighbors! down the street.

Today is such a gorgeous day. All of the leaves are changing (too fast in my opinion), the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and I could wear shorts and my Tom’s. I’m lucky enough to live in a little patch of paradise at times like these. (In the midst of winter, you can ask me this same thing and I’m sure my answer will be a tad different.) I took a brake from my ride, and just sat on a corner by the pond. I felt calm, peaceful, and grateful for this amazing place I have to live and experience.

Now a brake from the kombayah, have ya’ll watched Swamp People on History? It’s too doggone good to be true! Junior T, that’s my boi.

I have a Stake Youth Fireside (<—–Just a dash of LDS lingo) in about 45 minutos. I guess I should be gettin' my skirt on or somethin'.

(the Swamp People are still in my memory.)

My dad cooked up a delicious feast, since my Momma is still in the homeland. (Utah)
Hank, Melissa, and Randy are over hanging, keeping it real.

Can you tell my brain is hopping all over the place? It's that doggone brownie or something. My brain goes a little spazzy on sugar.

I love ya'll, and realized today that yes indeedy, I love this here blog too.

Peace Ya'll,
Megan T. Junior

{happy happy fall/summer weather peaceful Sunday.}

P.S. We had our adorable Primary Program at church today. The funniest part was not the kids saying the darndest things, but when a cell phone (cough* member of the bishopric *cough*) with a LADY GAGA ringtone went off.

Li'l boy: "I choose the right by being nice…"
(interruption) "RA RA AH AH AH ROM MAH RO MA MA want yo bad romance…"
(chuckles from the congregation)
"and being nice to my sister…"
(music still playing)

The end. Best. Day. Ever.


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