17 on the 17th

It’s my birthday. My day.
Actually, it’s my Mom and my Dad’s day.
They should be the ones bein’ celebrated right here and getting tons of FB love.
I love them so very much.
For one thing, they gave me my life, and I am eternally grateful.
[quote here- “You saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.”- Zoetrope aliens from TS]
Today was a sweet day, since I was born 17 years ago.
But yesterday, my pre birthday, was the bomb . com because we PARTAY’D.
This weekend was cheetahlicious because my other half, Mad Max James, was here.
From the USA.
We rock.
Best cousins.
Best cousins.
We’re best cousins, we’re best cousins. For. Ev. Er.
No photographs in this here post which were taken mostly on the new iPhone 4 named Jane.
But believe me, today is the day and it is 7:57 pm, which has 7’s in it, which is like 17.
Brother Austin Collie from BYU/COLTS is number 17. Therefore, I like him.
17 is the year, I am one year older and wiser too.


3 responses to “17 on the 17th

  1. Happy Birthday Megan! I forgot to tell you on facebook! Thanks for entertaining my soon to be 16 year old….I bet you two talked a little bit these past couple of days! I ‘m glad you guys are coming down for Christmas…see you soon!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy BELATED birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

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