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More New Year

Today I spent  a little time with my one of my longest friends Kelli since I spent the night there. My parents picked me up and we went shopping where I found these beauties:

I haven’t taken them off yet!

I also found jeans and two cute shirts and a comfy sweater. But I am still coveting:

I went to my G&G’s house and then over to my bestest cousin Maddie’s house and we watched 500 Days of Summer, which I adore and I also need the soundtrack. We also watched a minute of Jerseylicious which was as fantastic as it sounds. I went to dinner at Guru’s in Provo with Matt and Kate. The song You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates came on, which is from one of our favorite scenes in the movie. We went to Matt and Kate’s where Kate taught me to play the song Good Riddance on the guitar and she printed off some prints for us from her shop Cinnamon Ink I’m going to miss everybody so much since my dad and I drive home tomorrow. At least I have the rest of season 2 of Gilmore Girls to watch!



Fun of the Day

a beautiful day in the neighborhoodwelcome to the gallon challenge. one gallon of milk. one hour to complete. before the chundles beganthe aftermath- oh man this picture is so funny!el NACHO LIBRE!intense fusbolthe boys felt better, so they decided to sock wrestle. It was actually quite amusing!the final showdownWhat a fun night. I can’t wait for tomorrow gang!

Sledding, sliding, water guzzling good time

Yesterday was spent in Cochrane with my parents visiting boutiques and the gf Patisserie which is fantastic! Then in the afternoon up until midnight I hung with a bunch of my good friends. We went skating, sledding in the dark, drank hot chocolate and ate pizza, watched Toy Story 3, played a Napoleon Dynamite game, then played Sploosh which is spoons, but if you lose the round you have to drink a tall, tall glass of water. I had 3 with equals about 40 oz. The first one to have to go to the bathroom loses! P.S. Happy birthday Adam! And guess what? I’m still older.

On the first day of Christmas

Here goes my own 25 days of blogging challenge!

Lately I’ve been making collages on Polyvore for my close friends.

Fun, hey*?

I’ve also been adoring the Tangled soundtrack.

” 7 am the usual morning line-up..”

” and Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns!”

“All those days chasing down a daydream..”

This movie is a masterpiece.

The rest of my time has been spent doing schoolwork, going to choir rehearsals, having an 80’s exercise activity for young women’s, making up other word for dang it such as “coon scraps”, going to a hockey game and celebrating my best friends’ birthdays.

I love you Onion and Zoetrope!

Here comes Thursday- happy December!



I was loving Halloween this year! My friend Victoria and I were Misc. and Ellaneous, therefore equaling random jewelry and clothing. We rocked our fun buns.

I was at choir camp the day of the dance, and the dance was a blast! My friend and  I won the jive contest. Other fun festivities include pumpkin carving, party going, and trunk or treating.

Goodbye October, I love you!