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Peace Out

Moving back to blogger.

Come and see?

Thanks for reading!


Navy Stripes and Polka-dots

I just thought this turned out cool, what about you?

I had to get creative with these shots. It’s freezing outside! Just this week I was out riding my bike. I always find it more fun to get dressed on Sundays. Maybe a future job were I have to dress up would be a good fit?

My new print is on the wall- thanks Kate!

Now look at that! I’m thinking a new business venture! Agree?


Shirt- PacSun

Skirt- AE but I bought it from Winners 3 years ago

Sweater and White T- Shade


Necklaces- Vintage

Bracelet- Gift from Bro and SIL but C.C. Skye

Headband- from etsy shop Twisted Petals

Tights- Sears

More New Year

Today I spent  a little time with my one of my longest friends Kelli since I spent the night there. My parents picked me up and we went shopping where I found these beauties:

I haven’t taken them off yet!

I also found jeans and two cute shirts and a comfy sweater. But I am still coveting:

I went to my G&G’s house and then over to my bestest cousin Maddie’s house and we watched 500 Days of Summer, which I adore and I also need the soundtrack. We also watched a minute of Jerseylicious which was as fantastic as it sounds. I went to dinner at Guru’s in Provo with Matt and Kate. The song You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates came on, which is from one of our favorite scenes in the movie. We went to Matt and Kate’s where Kate taught me to play the song Good Riddance on the guitar and she printed off some prints for us from her shop Cinnamon Ink I’m going to miss everybody so much since my dad and I drive home tomorrow. At least I have the rest of season 2 of Gilmore Girls to watch!


New Year’s Day

I have to post at this exact time- 11:11 pm on 1-1-11!

I wish this year:

To blog more

to get fit

to be creative every day

to ace the ACT

to apply to college

to be in two productions

to get a solo in choir

to learn the guitar

to take more singing lessons

to communicate with my far away family more

to write a letter a week

to go to the dance every month

(this comes by default) turn 18!

Love who I am every day

Write more



Happy Birthday Daddio!

I love you Daddy!

Wishlist- Modcloth

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17 on the 17th

It’s my birthday. My day.
Actually, it’s my Mom and my Dad’s day.
They should be the ones bein’ celebrated right here and getting tons of FB love.
I love them so very much.
For one thing, they gave me my life, and I am eternally grateful.
[quote here- “You saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.”- Zoetrope aliens from TS]
Today was a sweet day, since I was born 17 years ago.
But yesterday, my pre birthday, was the bomb . com because we PARTAY’D.
This weekend was cheetahlicious because my other half, Mad Max James, was here.
From the USA.
We rock.
Best cousins.
Best cousins.
We’re best cousins, we’re best cousins. For. Ev. Er.
No photographs in this here post which were taken mostly on the new iPhone 4 named Jane.
But believe me, today is the day and it is 7:57 pm, which has 7’s in it, which is like 17.
Brother Austin Collie from BYU/COLTS is number 17. Therefore, I like him.
17 is the year, I am one year older and wiser too.