Off the Wall

Here is my favorite wall in my room.SLC Temple-from my parent’s wedding


Tree embroidery-My mom made it when she was in 6th grade

Abe Lincoln-From my G&G’s basement

Vintage flower art- farmer’s market

Birdies- G&G’s basement

Nothing like a little Abe 


Fun of the Day

a beautiful day in the neighborhoodwelcome to the gallon challenge. one gallon of milk. one hour to complete. before the chundles beganthe aftermath- oh man this picture is so funny!el NACHO LIBRE!intense fusbolthe boys felt better, so they decided to sock wrestle. It was actually quite amusing!the final showdownWhat a fun night. I can’t wait for tomorrow gang!


A coouple inspiring photos to end the day:

Wishlist- Modcloth

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Pearl Harbor- December 7th, 1941

{I’m posting for tomorrow since I have a choir concert tomorrow night that should go late into the evening.}

It’s funny that in social class we just started to learn about WWII. Also in 2006, my family went to Hawaii for Christmas break. Here’s some snapshots from our time in Pearl Harbor.

Blast from the Past

That’s me and my best friend Kelli back in 2006. I was in 6th grade doing the Shakespeare play “Twelfth Night”. At my elementary school, every year the 6th graders* perform a Shakespeare play. Last night, my mom and I were watching my older brother Mike when he was Hamlet. I remember it being fun being in the show, but dying of boredom as a student watching them every year, since I had no idea what was going on. I love this play, even though I felt jipped with the parts I got in 6th grade. Oh well, Kelli and I had a blast!



Sledding, sliding, water guzzling good time

Yesterday was spent in Cochrane with my parents visiting boutiques and the gf Patisserie which is fantastic! Then in the afternoon up until midnight I hung with a bunch of my good friends. We went skating, sledding in the dark, drank hot chocolate and ate pizza, watched Toy Story 3, played a Napoleon Dynamite game, then played Sploosh which is spoons, but if you lose the round you have to drink a tall, tall glass of water. I had 3 with equals about 40 oz. The first one to have to go to the bathroom loses! P.S. Happy birthday Adam! And guess what? I’m still older.